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KD7070 WIP


The knowledge and experience gained over the years allowed the development of another in a long line of Krämer firsts: The WIP deduster introduced in 2000. Pioneering innovations and continuous improvements to meet our customer's requirements have led to the new generation of KD70 WIP dedusters. They set another standard in high-containment (OEB5) in the production of highly active and potent products.

Models Available:

Concept A: Flooding

- High water consumption depending on system height
- Washing speed depending on system height
- During flooding the deduster must be disconnected from 
  press or a deduster inlet-valve must be installed


Concept B: Manual wash-down with nozzles

- Medium water consumption depending on washing time?
- Fast washing speed


Concept C: Fully Automatic wash-down with nozzles

- Medium water consumption depending on washing time
- Fast washing speed
- Wash recipe programmable by customer



- Product Divertor V4000
- Controller featuring an accleration sensor
- Various helix surfaces available on request




- Contained system for high potential agents
- DT level: up to OEB 5
- Featuring an acceleration sensor that assures constant
  vibration, independant of the load / amount of tablets
  in the deduster
- Vibration free housing patented drive unit
- Easy assembly and disassembly no tools needed
- Improved dedusting and deburring capabilities thanks
  to optimized combination of vibration, dust agitation
  air and vacuum suction



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