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Deduster E80-N


Ideal for production of middle-sized charges and research


- Optimal dedusting and deburring capabilities thanks to a
  combination of vibration, dust agitation, air and vacuum suction
- Easy height adjustment, full 360° freedom of rotation at tablet inlet
- Control over dip-switch with two selectable speed settings
- Optimum viewing of tablet movement
- Compact design, minimum footprint
- Easy assembly and disassembly, no tools are needed
- Easy to clean

Models Available:


- Roll away stand STW


Deduster Type E80N


Weight kg: 27
Conveying height mm: 300
Tablet Inlet mm: 114 x100


Technical Data

Power Supply: 110 V, 50/60 Hz, 230V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum current: A 1
Compressed air (p=1.5 -2 bar): 100-200 1/min
Air extraction (pu=10 - 20 mbar): 50-1000 m3/h
Noise emission at 1m distance: Protection rating of drive unit: IP20

Conveying Capacity:

Round 5 x 2mm: 3,000,000 tablets/hour
Round 8 x 3mm:
1,200,000 tablets/hour
Round 10 x 4mm:
800,000 tablets/hour
Round 15 x 4mm:
180,000 tablets/hour
Round 23.4 x 5.7mm:
80,000 tablets/hour
Round 25 x 7mm:
68,000 tablets/hour
Oblong: 19.4 x 8.6 x 6mm:
210,000 tablets/hour



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