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Deduster KD6015


Tablet deduster with our unique acceleration control combined
with a metal detector by Safeline or Loma. Reasonable alternative
to the high-end dedusters featuring reduced user functionalities.


- Improved dedusting and deburring capabilities thanks to
  optimized combination of vibration, dust agitation, air and
  vacuum suction
- Featuring an acceleration sensor that assures constant
  vibration, independent of the load / amount of tablets
  in the deduster
- Very high conveying capacity
- Optimum viewing of tablet movement with removable window
- Easy height adjustment, full 360° freedom of rotation at
  tablet inlet
- Vibration-free housing, patented drive unit
- Compact design, minimum footprint
- Easy assembly and disassembly, no tools are needed
- Easy to clean

Models Available:



- Dust agitation system
- Controller featuring an acceleration sensor
- Various helix surfaces available on request
- Metal Detector: Ceia THS/PH21E
- Metal Detector: Lock Met30+ Version PH386~
- Metal Detector: Loma IQ2
- Metal Detector: Safeline Tablex 2L


Deduster Type KD6015


Dimensions: 250   500
Weight kg: 127 138
Outlet height mm: 670-920, 93-1189
Conveying height mm: -44 225
Inlet height mm: 715 - 965
Tablet inlet/outlet diameter mm: 60.3 /68


Technical Data



Power Supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum current: A 1
Compressed air (p=1.5 -2 bar): 50-100 1/min
Air extraction (pu=10 - 20 mbar): 100-250 m3/h
Noise emission at 1m distance: Protection rating of drive unit: IP50


Conveying Capacity:



Round 4.8 x 2.3mm: 3,500,000 tablets/hour
Round 9.1 x 3.2mm:
1,300,000 tablets/hour
Round 12.1 x 3.7mm:
410,000 tablets/hour
Round 16 x 4mm:
280,000 tablets/hour
Round 23.4 x 5.7mm:
103,000 tablets/hour
Round 25 x 7mm:
68,000 tablets/hour
Oblong: 16.3 x 7.6 x 5.7mm:
425,000 tablets/hour
Capsules: 19.5 x 7mm, No1:
448,000 capsules/hour



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